When Black Women Win,

We All Win!

Black women continue to lead the way for progress in America! From the work of Stacey Abrams in Georgia to the selection of our first Black, Vice-President Elect - we handled business at the polls. As we know, the work doesn't end on election day and our one vote is just the start. 


Below are resources you can use to continue to hold elected officials accountable. 

Kitchen Cabinet


Our work isn't finished! You can review any of our Kitchen Cabinet Strategy Forums to gain knowledge from Black community leaders, activists, politicians and change agents to provide Black women with the tools we need to lead even after the Presidential Election. Watch them below and stay connected as we prepare for our next virtual forum.  

Forum 1: Black Women, the Courts and the Vote

We dug into the role of the American courts and the historical context and the resulting impact of racism.


Learn more about judges on the ballot in Kansas and  Missouri .

Forum 2: Black Women Eradicating Violence Through Elections

We talked about violence against black women and the power of being intentional in creating safe spaces for all Black women.


Forum 3: Our Ballot or Our Future

We sat down with Denise Lieberman, Senior Attorney and Program Director, Power and Democracy with Advancement Project to learn

how to protect your vote at the polls and how to fight voter intimidation. We also went through the entire Missouri and Kansas ballot.

Forum 4: Post Election Check-In

Movement Journalist Anoa Changa and Kelvin Simmons, Founding Partner of Nexus Group government relations firm, joined us to analyze possible results of the Presidential Election. We left the forum with so much information about how our votes impact the current system and making our own place to do the work necessary to move Black women forward.



The election of Vice President-Elect Harris is the fruit of Black women’s labor over the last century. Black women strategists, organizers and activists gave the best of themselves at the expense of health and wealth to mobilize communities to make what at times seemed an unimaginable reality. Black women put into motion the historic moment we are celebrating today!