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They See Us, Sis!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

By Asia J

After deaths, riots, protests and drawn-out fights at the ballot box - America is finally listening to Black women for more than a sound bite on how they overcame "the struggle" or tips on how to emulate the look without living the life.

I mean our TV and phone screens are radiating with that exclusive Black glow. Women all up and down our timelines in national headlines, leading revolutions, dancing to their own tune and walking around just being BLACK. IN.THE.WHITE.HOUSE. As a Black woman who was raised on the story of Malcolm X, "Their Eyes Were Watching God" and tales from my family members that migrated from the deep south to Missouri, I've always FELT that my Black was special but I didn't realize how much I needed to see these reinforcements in American culture that my Black IS special.

We were raised different. Some of you may be able to relate to that self or family-imposed training. I knew other boss Black women existed beyond the pages of my books and movie screens but I also knew it wasn't likely that I would see them depicted in the mainstream so I trained myself not to care as much. Even after I realized I could make my own way and BE that Black woman, I still saw it as the exception and not the norm.

Now, I'm wondering if the change I'm eagerly embracing could become the norm for the Black children in my life. Is this what Fannie fought for, Zora penned and Nina sang about? Is this how privileged folk feel all the time!?!? Am I foolish for entertaining these hopes? These past centuries got me leaning toward the latter...but even in my 30s, I have a spark of hope that maybe these riots and deaths were not in vain. MAYBE when Black women speak people are listening and might even care. Maybe.

Only time will tell, but just in case that future is still a distant reality and we're in some kind of Blackity-Black Twilight Zone episode...I'm gone ride it till the wheels fall off!

Don't wake me up, sis.

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