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Updated: May 5, 2022

By Gabriell Butler

Gabriell Butler is a writer, marketer and poet. She has experience in the non-profit and private sector. A jack of all trades, she has worked on marketing projects for budding entrepreneurs as they launched their businesses, large campaigns for a marketing agency and even for an animated tv series for PBS. She earned a BA in Writing from Drake University in 2013 and has used the power of words to impact the world ever since.


I hope

Somewhere among the wreckage

She can find herself

Buried under all the self doubt

Scattered around

Entangled in fear

I hope she’s there


And praying

And moving

Not just sitting

And waiting for the wind to carry her

I hope she flies without wings

Steps out on faith

Or the lack thereof

Taking chances or surviving

It really doesn’t matter

All that matters is that she moves

Keeps going

That she hears her footsteps

And they’re faster than her heartbeat


And never look back…

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