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Advocacy Is Personal

By Asia Jones

Asia is a content creator, University of Missouri alum and budding advocate.

POV: You wanna be an advocate but you don't want to do that!

That, looks different for each of us because advocating for yourself as a Black woman or on behalf of Black women isn't a one-size-fits-all thing; however, advocating for Black women IS something each of us can and should do from our personal level of privilege and influence.

Step One: Perspective Change

Advocacy is a 24/7/365 action but this blog isn’t about supporting the Black women superhero trope. You don’t have to save the world, just change your perspective of advocacy. You're advocating any time you use your voice (digital, literal or otherwise) to let others know how they can support a person or an issue. So if you don't want to snatch the mic or join the march, do your thing on social media, at your place of worship or through artistic expression.

Step Two: Heart Check

The best advocate of Black women is one who CARES ABOUT BLACK WOMEN!

Before you speak, check your heart. Do you care about Black women's issues? Do you recognize how your own biases can inhibit your ability to help and are you willing to address them? There's some soul searching to do before you call yourself an advocate and that's okay. You can start here.

Step Three: Don't Stop, Get It...

Y'all know the rest and "Uncle" Luke wasn't wrong — you have to keep going. You'll have transitions in life but your advocacy work should transition with you. Those new jobs, relationships and goals should help you build your advocacy muscles as you start to experience life in both the good and difficult times. You’ll find out there are levels of advocating for Black women. You can advocate with others, join online groups and build your own community of advocates. For example:

  • Volunteer once or twice a month with your favorite organization.

  • Share their posts on social media.

  • Send a few coins to their local chapters.


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