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Shirley's Kitchen Cabinet conducted a survey to identify the top issues impacting Black women in the Kansas City area. Our efforts are driven by the data collected. We leverage organizing to move policy and policy leaders to address these issues.
The COVID-19 guide will serve as a resource information guide to identify how the resultsof COVID-19 will impact black women.

COVID Resources

COVID Economic Prosperity

Radical Solidarity-KC Mutual Aid Fund

Mutual Aid fund centering BIPOC for helpnduring the COVID-19 pandemic. This is being geared to folx in the hospitality entity
since they have already lost jobs.

Coalition of Grassroots Orgs in KC

Link: Kansas City Radical Solidarity Fund


Cecilia Belser-Patton


Women's Employment Network



Kim Barnes, Case Manager


Latoya Woods, Financial Coach




COVID Health and Vitality

Women's Employment Network



Ashley Williamson, Community Engagement Manager

(816) 595-1299

Self Care Practices. Inc.

Link: Self-Care

Nikki Grimes Poems

New Youtube channel by an acclaiemed poet


Link: Youtube Nikki Grimes Poems

The Unbounded Spirit

A crisis is a great opportunity. An opportunity for learning, growing in understanding and improving our way of living.

Link: Coronavirus: What we can Learn from it

Eradicating Violence during COVID

Reale Justice Community Bail fund & Participatory Defense Team.

Bail fund for victims of domestic violence.
Assistance with community support for court cases.

Link: Bail fund


Justice Gatson

COVID Education

Khan Academy

School age schedule for school closures


Link: Homeschooling


Online Education for PreK-12th


Link: Online learning

Get the Help You Need for At-Home Learning

Link: Online learning

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging
for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

Link: Reading Resource

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